Goat Trax Farm

Welcome to Illinois' first yak farm!

Small farm in the heart of the rich vegetable area of central eastern Il. Producing gentle high quality foundation Yaks whose offspring would be ready for purchase. We are introducing Yak as a viable alternative to cattle in the Midwest. Yak fiber is luxurious and comparable to cashmere. Yaks are the perfect animal for the small acreage farm.

Goat Trax Farm

Production of Tibetan yak, goat meat, fresh eggs, meat chickens and Southdown sheep fiber.




once you try yak, you'll want to come back!!

tasted wonderful!!

We thought it tasted so wonderful. We tried the ground meat and the rolled roast. My only regret, is we won’t be back for another visit until September.
Everyone should give your yak a try!

- Debra Ann

sergeant seal of approval

Both of our boys were home over the weekend. Sent a steak home with the ex cook for Nordstrom’s. He loved it. Other son had steak yesterday for lunch yesterday and also really enjoyed it. Yak gets Sergeant seal of approval.

- Elizabeth Sergeant

it's the best

- Teri Mullady

See you soon

Phone Number

(815) 922-6208

Email Address



2532 S. Wichert North Road
Momence, IL 60954
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